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St. Thekla

September 24th According to ancient Syrian and Greek manuscripts, Saint Thekla was born into a prosperous pagan family in the Lycaonian city of Iconium (present-day south central Turkey) in A.D. 16. When she was 18 years old and betrothed to a young man named Thamyris, Saint Paul the Apostle and Saint Barnabas arrived in Iconium [...]

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St. Artemius of Verkola

October 20th St. Artemius is a child saint of the Orthodox Church, often referred to as "the Righteous Child Wonderworker." He was born in 1532 to Cosmas "the Lesser" and Apollinaria, peasants in the Russian village of Verkola. Cosmas and Apollinaria raised their son within a life of Christian piety, and at the early [...]

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St. Herman of Alaska

December 13th A courageous Russian monk with the highly improbable Anglicized name of Herman (from the Greek Germanos and Slavonic German) is the first Orthodox saint canonized in the New World for his dedicated and heroic efforts in bringing the faith of Jesus Christ to the half-civilized natives of the Aleutian Islands and Alaska. The [...]

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SS. Peter & Paul

June 29th The divinely-blessed Peter was from Bethsaida of Galilee. He was the son of Jonas and the brother of Andrew the First-called. He was a fisherman by trade, unlearned and poor, and was called Simon; later he was renamed Peter by the Lord Jesus Christ Himself, Who looked at him and said, "Thou [...]

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