Years on Staff: CIT 1988, Counselor 1989-1993

Where you live: Living in Oklahoma City, OK, working as a pharmaceutical sales representative. In my spare time, I volunteer with, and am on the Board of a non-profit called Tenaciously Teal, which helps cancer fighters. I’m also on several Boards at our local cancer center and volunteer there as well. Fitness is still a passion of mine, and on occasion I teach a spin class at our local YMCA (I bet you’re singing the YMCA song now, aren’t you:)?

A favorite camp memory: Hands down, Michael Nassif putting the horse in Carrie Gabriel’s cabin! Still laugh to this day. But, if you meant an activity at camp, I’d have to say the Friday night camp fires with Fr. John’s pizza.

How the time you spent at AV continues to shape your life today: On that mountain is where I learned how to be a better friend, parishioner, and all around person. Camp taught me what true friendship and love is. My ongoing involvement in the church is because of my experience at camp.  Without a doubt, AV helped make me the person I am today. 

 Published March 2017

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