Years on Staff: Counselor 2004 & 2005, Afternoon Program Director 2006

Where you live: I live in Louisville, KY with my husband Charles, son Charlie, and 2 yellow labs – Hank & Sawyer.  I am the Director of the Project Management Office at Kindred Healthcare.  We attend St. Michael Orthodox Church, travel frequently, and love trips to the zoo with Charlie!

A favorite camp memory:  I couldn’t pick just one!

  • During Fr Michael Nasser’s last summer as Camp Director, we “lit the basketball courts on fire” because “where do you go if the basketball courts are on fire?!”.  It was pretty hilarious. 
  • My BFF and I made up a song when we were 11 years old in Unit 2 after we found mice in our cabin; it went something like, “Here come the mice in black!  Cabin food defenders!” (To the tune of “Men in Black”, duh.)  Love you, SP! 
  • One time we locked our Counselor out of the cabin.  And she was in her underwear.  That was 2002, cabin 2, session 2.  Her initials may have been KS at that point 😉
  • Also, meeting my husband at age 11 is a memory-favorite. 

How the time you spent at AV continues to shape your life today: The Village continues to impact my life everyday because I met my husband there, and he’s with me everyday 😉  But seriously, the desire to serve others whether through the church or via another organization, is deep-rooted because of the way we have been served (and were also able to serve) at the Village.  Before having children, Charles and I were the Teen Soyo advisors, and that was such a blessing to us because we were able to continue the ministry we started many years ago and spread that love to our local community.  We truly learned what it means to have a servant’s heart, and owe thanks for cultivating our deep-rooted faith to the place we call home! 

 Published February 2017

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