Dear Village Parents:

IMG_5655We greatly appreciate the fact that you entrust your children in to our care and we look forward to partnering with you to transform the lives of young people and families and to nurture their faith in Jesus Christ through Orthodox Christian community living, worship, education, fellowship and love.  We attempt to provide your camper with a living experience of the Holy Orthodox Faith, in their relationship with God and other campers in an uncluttered, natural environment.  We know that there are many challenges of parenting and we are happy to partner with you to help your child(ren) grow up to be responsible Orthodox Christians finding their path to salvation.  We will use this page to provide resources that we feel may be of benefit to you both for your families camping experience and in raising your child(ren) in general.

If you have suggestions of materials that you think would be helpful for us to share with other parents, please contact Fr Anthony.

Helpful Hints for Preparing your Camper for Camp – The key do’s and dont’s

We encourage all parents to view these top tips of how to prepare your child and yourself for camp.  These  tips come from one of the leading professionals in the camp industry, Dr. Chris Thurber.  In short, the tips he offers are the biggest mistakes that we see parents make that in turn make a child’s camp experience more challenging.  Please avoid the pitfalls and let your child succeed at camp by following these helpful hints.

Camper Parent Handbook

Our little handbook is the most single critical tool for you to navigate the world of Antiochian Village camp life.  We urge your to read it through annually as we update it with new and critical information each year.  It has pretty much all the answers that you need to know about our campin program.

Camp Dress Code

This link will explain our dress code policy and provide photos to help understand the policy.

Preventing Homesickness

Fr Michael Nasser, our Camp Director for 10 years, wrote an article to help families prepare their children for camp and to help circumvent potential homesickness.  The article will give you some practical steps to help minimize the impact of homesickness for your children while they are at camp.  As for you parents, sorry you are going to miss your children terribly while they are at camp, but know that we are taking good care of them and their absence is only temporary.

Wall Street Journal article – “10 Things Summer Camps Won’t Say”

This article appeared on May 6, 2013.  This is must reading for parents.  Make sure you read all 10 things.  We have found in particular that number 5 is very accurate.

Tools for Listening to Your Teens Article

Focus on the Family has a series of articles to help parents navigate the teen years.  Listening is a critical part of a successful relationship with our children.  Read this article and several others to help you in raising your teenager.

ACA Resource Page for Parents

The American Camp Association, which visits, inspects and accredits the Antiochian Village has a variety of resources.  One of their most valuable resources is which we have linked here for you.  There is a wealth of information about camping and child development that will be of great benefit to new camper parents and veteran camper parents.