Antiochian Village Volunteer Staff are the backbone of the Summer Camping program. Their work involves all the behind the scenes preparations as well as the post event clean up and even a few things in between. Here are some examples of volunteer staff jobs: Assist camper-waiters in table set-up; cleanup during meals; set up and serve soda, candy, and ice cream during Gimme Shop; assist counselors with campers’ laundry; sort and deliver camper mail; inspect the campers’ cabins and rate how clean the cabins are kept.

 “Volunteering at the Village has given me a tremendous appreciation for all the work that is involved in keeping the daily programs running so efficiently. Everyone there truly loves God and all the children who attend camp. It is an amazing place and in my 10 years of volunteering, no 2 years have ever been the same. It’s always a learning experience.”– Gail Meena

Being a volunteer staff member is a labor of love, as there is no reward other than knowing you had a hand in making the campers and counselors time they spent at camp the best it could be.

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“During the past fifteen years I have found myself drawn to the Antiochian Village. I can’t explain the feeling that comes over me when I drive down Camp Trail to the arch, bearing the quote that defines this place. ‘All things are possible through Christ who strengthens us.’ That’s what this beautiful place does for me each year. It strengthens my faith and gives me the joy to serve God and his children. It fills me with such love for the service we offer. It welcomes me home, provides me with all the warm memories and friendships nurtured by the magic of “The Village.” It brings me through the months to follow and invites me back to serve once again. I am blessed. Please join us.” – Jackie Fadel