IMG_5655The Antiochian Village Summer Camp Program serves young people ages 9-17 who come to attend one of four two-week sessions. One of the main goals of the Village Camp program is to present to young people a living experience of the Holy Orthodox Faith in their relationship with God and other campers in an uncluttered, natural environment.

The Village provides an experience, which has been very instrumental in the spiritual maturation of many young people. The major components which contribute to that experience include the following: 1) daily Orthodox worship with an emphasis on participation; 2) a challenge toward spiritual growth through daily homilies, religious education, and relationships with counselors and fellow Orthodox campers; 3) a safe and naturally beautiful setting for group living; and 4) a caring and loving staff fully dedicated to the campers well-being and growth.

Registration and Applications
Summer Camp 2020
CIT Cost
Session 1 (1 week): June 14 – June 21 TBD —–
Session 1 (2 weeks): June 14 – June 26 TBD TBD
Byzantine Chant Camp: June 14 – June 26 TBD —–
Session 2: June 28 – July 10 TBD TBD
Session 3: July 12 – July 24 TBD TBD
Iconography Camp: July 12 – July 20 TBD —–
 Session 4: July 26 РAugust 7 TBD TBD