SONY DSCSt. Raphael of Brooklyn faithfully and tirelessly served the faithful of North America. St. Raphael was originally buried in Mt. Olivet Cemetery in Brooklyn, NY. On August 15, 1989, his relics were translated from Mt. Olivet Cemetery to Holy Resurrection Cemetery at the Antiochian Village. His relics remain with other bishops and clergy who were also translated at the same time as St. Raphael.

In May of 2000, St. Raphael of Brooklyn was recognized as a saint of the Orthodox Church. The glorification service took place at St. Tikhon’s Monastery. Relics of St. Raphael of Brooklyn are located at St. Ignatius Church at the Antiochian Village for veneration by the faithful. A shrine with an icon written by the hand of Fr. Paul Albert is located at the gravesite on the northeast side of St. Ignatius Church.

If you would like to visit the relics of St. Raphael of Brooklyn or if you would like more information, please contact Fr. Anthony Yazge.

The feast of St. Raphael is celebrated on the first Saturday of November each year and also on his repose on February 27.