Years on Staff: 2001-2005

Where you live: Phoenix, AZ; Youth Pastor at St. George Antiochian Orthodox Church, Phoenix

A favorite camp memory:  Session 2 Arrival day in 2001 there was a huge storm. Trees were coming down left and right – one even fell on the then Cabin 8 and ripped it in half. We came together as a staff to make sure arrival day went as smoothly as it could, everyone did what needed to be done, and we responded well in what was a very dangerous situation.

How the time you spent at AV continues to shape your life today:  My years as a camper fostered my love for the services and Byzantine music and introduced me to some of my closest friends. Though I didn’t originally want to work at the Village my first summer, but did at the “encouragement” of my mom and Fr. Michael Nasser, that first summer showed me what God is able to do when we let him. I use the skills I learned at camp everyday, talk to a different friend from camp almost daily, and am able to do what I am today because of those relationships and skills gained at the Village.

 Published March 2017

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